ShinMaywa Norus Pumps


ShinMaywa Norus Pumps

ShinMaywa Norus Pumps
are widely regarded the finest pumps for the water garden market. Designed to be a truly continuous duty motor so you can run you water feature 24/7/365 with confidence. The ShinMaywa pumps are constructed of Stainless Steel and corrosion resistant Poly Amide Fiber Reinforced Resin. Covered by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

* 304 stainless steel and poly amide fiber reinforced resin for corrosion resistance.
* Air filled motor for lower average operating temperature
* Seamless stainless steel stator casing.
* Seal Extender for cooling the seal face more effectively.
* Thermal overload protection.
* Cast aluminum bearing housing.
* Anti-creeping top bearing.
* High efficiency motor.
* Anti-wicking cable entry.
* Air release valve preventing air lock.
* Vortex solids handling impeller.
* S.S. Shaft and impeller boss.
* 2 year Warranty

110% Price-Match Guarantee

Buy with confidence knowing you are getting the best deal.

Item # Description Price Points  
50CR2.15S ShinMaywa Norus 1/5HP 3300GPH Pump Was $383.90$349.00 300 Ships 4 Free
50CR2.25S ShinMaywa Norus 1/3HP 4800GPH Pump Was $504.90$459.00 400 Ships 4 Free
50CR2.4S ShinMaywa Norus 1/2HP 5700GPH Pump Was $614.90$559.00 500 Ships 4 Free
50CR2.75S ShinMaywa Norus 1HP 7000GPH Pump Was $746.90$679.00 600 Ships 4 Free
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