ShinMaywa CNL Pumps


ShinMaywa CNL Pumps

ShinMaywa CNL Three Phase Cast Iron Pumps
are large powerful pumps which are ideal for a variety of applications. These world-class pumps feature a 3" discharge and 2" solids handling capacity. Shinmaywa CNL Pumps also feature 2 Vane non-clog impellers, double mechanical seals operated in oil bath, and 32" power cable. 230V, three phase.

2HP ShinMaywa CNL Pump (Model SM41.5T) has shipping weight of 105lbs.
3HP ShinMaywa CNL Pump (Model SM42.2T-2) has shipping weight of 136lbs.

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Item # Description Price Points  
65CNL41.5 ShinMaywa CNL 2HP 25200GPH Pump Was $2,288.00$2,080.00 2000 Ships 4 Free
80CNL42.2 ShinMaywa CNL 3HP 31800GPH Pump Was $3,432.00$3,120.00 3100 Ships 4 Free
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