ReeFlo Power Pumps


ReeFlo Power Pumps

The Reeflo Power Series delivers exactly what its name implies: extreme power! These high-speed pumps provide big flowrates and plenty of pressure. Quality enclosed impellers, stainless steel mechanical seals and premium motors make these pumps as efficient and dependable as they are powerful. Comes with an 8-foot power cord, 230V plug, stainless steel hardware, and a 3-year Sequence warranty. Can be wired for 115V. Select the apex in aquarium pumping power, for all of your aquarium and pond needs, with the Power Series. ReeFlo Pumps offer whisper quiet operation, proven reliability, and superior energy efficiency compared to comparable pumps on the market. These world-class pond pumps are the perfect choice for use in Koi ponds, water gardens, aquariums, and a variety of other applications. Covered by a three year manufacturer's warranty, ReeFlo Pumps feature heavy duty abrasion resistant silicon-carbide seals and are proudly made in the USA!

* For external use - not submersible! Saltwater safe.
* Quiet operation.
* Less than half the watt draw of comparable submersible pumps!
* Ports are 1.5" FPT suction and 1.5" FPT discharge.
* Units are pre-wired with 8' cord and molded 115v plug.
* Housing is molded of PVC plastic for added efficiency.
* Rebuildable motor!
* 3 Year warranty.

110% Price-Match Guarantee

Buy with confidence knowing you are getting the best deal.

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