Platinum Max Color


Platinum Max Color

Platinum Max Color Koi & Goldfish Food is a high performance diet designed to enhance the vibrant colors in your fish. Fortified with spirulina and other marine ingredients to enhance the natural coloration of Koi and goldfish. 5.0 mm (1/16") floating pellet, ideal for larger fish. latinum Koi Food was developed through decades of research, Platinum Koi & Goldfish Food is fed by leading breeders and producers with consistently great results!

Guaranteed Analysis: 30% Protein, 5% Fat, 3.5% Fiber, 12% Moisture

110% Price-Match Guarantee

Buy with confidence knowing you are getting the best deal.

Item # Description Price Points  
PC1 Platinum Max Color Koi Food - 20oz. Canister Was $11.50$10.45 30 Add to Cart
PC5 Platinum Max Color Koi Food - 5lbs. Zipper Bag Was $26.35$23.95 70 Add to Cart
PC33 Platinum Max Color Koi Food - 35lbs. Bulk Bag Was $101.15$91.95 200 Add to Cart
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