Pond Pumps - Submersible

Submersible Pond Pumps

Submersible Pumps are extremely easy to install compared to external pumps for a variety of reasons. Many pond owners with liner ponds are hesitant to cut holes in their liner necessary to accommodate a bottom drain. Going with a submersible pump eliminates this problem entirely. Simply attached the submersible pump to some flexible PVC tubing, place it in your pond and you are finished. It really is that easy. We proudly offer the largest selection of quality submersible pumps on the market from today’s leading manufacturers, which are designed specifically for use in ornamental ponds and backyard water features.

Anjon Big Frog Pumps are our best-selling line of submersible pumps and an ideal choice for most backyard pond applications. Featuring stainless steel construction and offering flow rates exceeding 6,000 gallons, Big Frog Pumps are an amazing value. Covered by a two year manufacturer warranty, customers can also buy an Anjon Pump with confidence knowing they are purchasing a quality product that was built to last. Cal Ponds is an authorized distributor for Anjon Manufacturing and offers wholesale pricing to pond dealers nationwide on the complete line of Anjon Manufacturing products.

The Matala line of Versiflow Pumps is also among our most popular submersible pump offerings. Versiflow Pumps offer exceptional flow rates as well as surprising energy efficiency, not often found in submersible pond pumps. Engineered to provide years of worry free, reliable use and designed for use in fish ponds, Matala Versiflow Pumps are also a perfect quality replacement for AquaScape Pumps. Cal Ponds ranks as nationwide sales leaders for Matala Versiflow Pumps, GeyserFlow Pumps, and the complete line of Matala Pumps.

Alita Pumps are quality submersible pond pumps available at an economical price. Trusted and recommended by experienced pond builders across the globe, Alita AUP Pumps are renowned for quality. Many of our customers report to us they have had Alita pond pumps installed in use for well over 5 years with no issues whatsoever. We feel confident recommending the quality line of Alita water pumps to our customers for a wide variety of pond and water garden applications.

If you would like assistance choosing the right submersible pump for your backyard Koi pond, water garden, or commercial water feature, please contact us. Our experienced team of pond professions is standing by and would love to hear from you.



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