Pond Liner - 45 Foot Rolls

Pond Liner - 45 Foot Rolls

Firestone PondGard Pond Liner is guaranteed to last 20 years, but often lasts a lifetime. Made from durable 45mil EPDM material, these quality pond liners will not tear or puncture as easily as lower quality PVC or plastic pond liners. Installation is a very simple process. Simply place underlayment material in the hole, then place your liner in place and begin filling with water. Adjust the edges to remove excess folds to help create a more natural appearance.

Pond liner can be found at comparable prices from several online vendors. The actual pricing of pond liner varies only slightly. A penny or two difference on a 20 x 20 pond liner is only a few dollars. The real difference when choosing a pond liner is the shipping cost, which can vary greatly. Our freight rates are some of the best around and we highly encourage you to compare the delivered price when shopping for pond liner. Most pond liner orders are shipped same or next day and can also ship to your commercial or residential address upon request.

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