Pond Aerators

Pond Aerators

Pond Aerators are essential for maintaining healthy levels of oxygen in pond water. These units can be used throughout the year, making it a great investment for koi ponds and water gardens.

Some important steps to insure you have proper oxygen levels in your pond – in addition to using a Pond Aerator - include:

Remove waste - Decaying matter uses up oxygen. Remove leaves and settled debris from the bottom of your pond.

Provide shade - Floating water plants are a fast and easy way to provide shade. As temperature increases, water can hold less oxygen. Most low oxygen problems occur from June through September.

The right plants - Add a mixture of plants, including marginal plants, floating plants, and submerged plants to help decrease algae growth. Oxygenating plants help increase oxygen level and improve water quality.

Maintain proper filtration – Clean your pond filters regularly. A clean filter works more efficiently to provide vital water movement and waste-removing filtration.

Adjust oxygen levels to match fish population A heavily populated pond will require more oxygen. If your bio-load is high, then make sure you have enough aeration devices to maintain proper oxygen levels.

Where is the best place in any pond system to add air or oxygen? - Directly into the biofilter system as close a possible to where the bacteria are sitting. This is why vortex filters and Japanese matting work so fantastically well together in any serious water ponds system.

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